Due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, in-person Therapeutic Massage services are temporarily limited.

Learn more about our commitment to health and safety as we endeavor to resume full in-person services.

Per Session Treatments

Choose from a range of in-home Therapeutic Massage techniques that will best suits your needs.

Per Session Treatments

In addition to the Service provided, sessions also include special complimentary amenities.

Swedish Massage

Soothing style massage that uses calming strokes and gentle kneading; great for relaxation.

60 minutes: $165

90 minutes: $199.80

Deep Tissue Massage

Firm intensive pressure used to loosen up knots, relieve pain and rehabilitate injured muscles.

60 minutes: $176

90 minutes: $210.60

Hot Stone Massage

In combination with massage techniques, this specialty treatment uses smooth, heated stones to melt away stress.

60 minutes: $209

90 minutes: $243

Couple's Massage

Enjoy a relaxing side-by-side table massage with a special guest.

60 minutes: $335.50

90 minutes: $405.10


Stimulating specific points on the hands and feet to release energy to the entire body.

45 minutes: $90

In-home Reflexology treatments are only available to Members in the NYC metropolitan (5 boroughs) area.

Chair Massage

Rest in a specially designed chair while your Therapist focuses on your back, shoulders, neck, arms and legs.

30 minutes: $80.38

45 minutes: $110.56

In-home Chair Massage treatments are only available to Members in the NYC metropolitan (5 boroughs) area.

Assisted Stretch

Therapeutic movements to help improve mobility and reduce stiffness.

60 minutes: $123.50

90 minutes: $175.25

*Shown NYC rates exclude Bronx and Staten Island. Log In to your Member account to view your primary session location rates.*

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